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Italian Language

Cultural Conversations

Beyond words

If you’ve ever seen a musical score, you might’ve wondered where words like adagio (slowly) and allegro (lively) came from.   

They’re Italian verbs, which goes to show you that Italy’s cultural heritage goes way beyond Michelangelo.

Learning another language can lead to understanding in other areas as well, a plus in any career you’re considering. And the credits you’ll earn in our courses will transfer legato (smoothly) if you’re considering earning a bachelor’s degree.

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Italian Language

Instruction informed by experience

Our professors will share stories with you about life in their native Italy, enriching each class session with personal experience as well as interactive, computer-based instruction.   

Returning to Italy regularly, your professors keep the coursework refreshed and relevant, allowing you to gain an accurate understanding of both Italy and the Italian language

From them, you’ll learn: 

  • Vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Communication styles
  • Culture and customs
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Contact an associate dean at either 586.445.7251,, or 586.286.2282,, for more information about our Italian Language courses.