global supply chain management

Global Supply Chain Management

Process Driven

Supply and demand

Gone are the days when everything needed to manufacture a product was stored in the warehouse.

Today’s companies don’t want large inventories wasting space and losing profit. They want materials and components to arrive on an as-needed basis, regardless of whether they’re coming from Tallahassee or Tokyo.

As a global supply chain manager, you’ll coordinate the logistics of moving a widget from point A to point B, ensuring that products are delivered on demand and on time.

You’ll never be bored in this fast-paced career. And your work will probably involve traveling, maybe even abroad, to meet with your suppliers.

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Global Supply Chain Management

An ABA degree you can earn online!

ABA, short for an Associate of Business Administration degree, is well-recognized by employers. Our ABA degree has been designed to transfer smoothly into a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program.

And you can earn our ABA degree entirely online!

Whether you’re preparing to transfer or on the fast track to a get a job, our faculty will set you on the right course. They’ve worked in the industry and know the supply chain from the inside out.

They’ll teach you how to navigate through all of the supply chain processes, including:

  • Purchasing
  • Delivery
  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation
  • Supplier negotiation

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A career that travels well

Just as parts and products are moved across state lines and seven seas, your skills as a supply chain manager can travel across a wide territory.

Basically anywhere parts and products are manufactured.

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And if you want to advance your education and your career, credits earned in our Supply Chain Management program transfer to many Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs, including those offered by Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Wayne State and Western Michigan universities.

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