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Fire Science

Physics for Firefighters

All fires are different

Regardless of where your interest in the fire service lies, understanding the different properties that a fire can possess is as necessary as wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus inside a smoke-filled building.

In these courses, part of Macomb’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Technology associate degree program, you’ll learn the science behind preventing, controlling, extinguishing and investigating fires.

Through them, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about how and why each fire is different and the threat each type poses to lives and property.

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Fire Science

You’ll learn from firefighters

Learn from the best! All of the instructors in our program have worked in the fire service, most as firefighters.

They’ll share with you the experiences they’ve had in fighting different fires, providing you with valuable insight as you reach for helmet and hose.

You’ll learn about:

  • Fire behavior
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection and suppression systems
  • Fire investigation
  • Fire hydraulics

For a complete list of our Fire Science courses, refer to the College Catalog.

Education and career advancement

All of our Fire Science courses can be completed online. Ideal if you’re already working in the field and seeking advancement with a department or fire protection/suppression company.

And, if you’re planning on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fire science or related field, credits earned at Macomb will transfer to any institution aligned with the U.S. Fire Administration’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) initiative.

Need more information?

Professor Kenneth Staelgraeve, program advisor, can tell you more and answer any questions you have. You can reach him at 586.226.4991.

Fire service jobs

There's always a need for firefighters and fire service professionals in both the public and private sectors. Use the tool below to see the positions and salaries available.

And don't forget, Career Services is here to help with your job search, including resume-writing and interview preparation.

That is, if you aren't hired before you graduate!

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