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Fire and Emergency Medical Services Technology

Fire and Rescue


Firefighting is one of the noblest jobs in the fire service, but our program provides you with additional options in the private as well as the public sector.

Does a career as a fire investigator for a fire department or insurance company sound interesting? Perhaps you would prefer the dependable hours offered by a fire prevention/suppression company? Or, maybe, you would like to head up a fire prevention program at an industrial facility?

Our degree program can open a wide variety of doors for you, including those at any fire station.

For a look at all the courses in our program, consult the course list.

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Fire science meets EMT training

All of our instructors have worked in the fire service and will teach you what they know instinctively: how to quickly assess and react to the properties of each individual fire and the emergency medical needs of each individual trauma victim.

In our program, which leads to an associate of applied science degree, your courses will cover everything from fire science to emergency medical procedures.

Here’s a short list of some of the courses you’ll take:

  • Fire Investigation
  • Fundamentals of Fire Protection
  • Principles of Emergency Services
Whether you’re interested in a firefighting career or one within the private sector, our degree will place you at the top of the list for hiring and for promoting.

The Fire Academy experience

In addition to classroom instruction, you’ll also complete the 10-week Fire Academy, which will prepare you for the Fighter 1 and 2 certification exams – passage of which is required to become a firefighter in Michigan.

Our Fire Academy is the closest you can come to a firefighter’s experience. You’ll battle multistory fires, maneuver blindly through smoke-filled rooms and care for a trauma victim in the back of a simulated ambulance.

And your credits will transfer if you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree at any point in your career.

Ready to gear up?

Give Professor Kenneth Staelgraeve a call at 586.226.4991 if you have any questions or want to know more about our program.

Fire service careers

There is a dire need for firefighters as well as for other fire service professionals. Use the tool below to see the positions and salaries available with an associate degree from Macomb, as well as with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university if you decide to continue your education.

And don’t forget, Career Services is here to help with your job search, including resume-writing and interview preparation.

That is, if you aren’t hired before you graduate!

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