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Fire Academy

Skills for Life

Join a company of heroes

Few things are more frightening than waking up to the smell of smoke. But at a station not far from home, firefighters are jumping out of their beds and into the gear that will protect them as they come to the rescue.

For them, it’s just part of the job. For those whose lives or property were saved by their quick actions, they’re heroes.

If you’d like to join them in a line of work that makes a difference unlike any other, we welcome you to apply to our Fire Academy.

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Fire Academy

Your ladder for success

Our 10-week program will develop and strengthen your firefighting skills so when the alarm sounds, you’ll be confident to proceed and be prepared to face any challenge that lies ahead.

And your training won’t come from just a textbook.

You’ll learn how to search for victims in a smoke-filled room, combat a multistory fire on a live burn tower and perform CPR in the back of a simulated ambulance.

All of our training meets Michigan’s preparatory requirements for taking the state firefighting certification exams, which, on average, more than 95% of our Fire Academy grads pass each year.   

Passing the academy will also earn you 12 credits toward an associate degree in Fire and Emergency Medical Services Technology, a must-have credential for future advancement in your career.

But as a Fire Academy grad, you’ll be qualified to work while you continue to build upon your fire science skills.

Ready to learn the ropes?

The Fire Academy is waiting for you. Contact the program manager at 586.498.4021 or email

Fire chief’s top choice

Our Fire Academy is the first choice of local fire chiefs, many of whom are instructors in the program.

In fact, all of our Fire Academy instructors are practicing or retired firefighters and after you complete your training, you’ll likely be working with some of them on a local department.

They’ll teach you how to handle a fire hose, enter a burning building or rescue trapped victims.

But it’s not all about fires. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Extract an accident victim from a vehicle
  • Perform rescues on waterways
  • Secure hazardous material spills
  • And much more as you prepare to earn Firefighter 1 and 2 certification!

For a look at all the skills your training will provide, refer to the College’s Catalog.

And for an idea about the positions available and the salaries they pay, use the handy tool below.

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