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Digital Marketing

Optimizing the Brand

Which digital marketing path is for you?

Marketing a company, product or organization across the digital landscape is no longer just desirable, it’s a necessity, and Macomb offers you two pathways to learn how to do it expertly. 

If you’re a seasoned marketing veteran looking to update your skills or a small business owner trying to establish a digital presence, a Digital Marketing certificate through our Workforce and Continuing Education program will provide you with what you need in a month or even less.

If you’re interested in earning a degree in marketing that places you at the front of the line of job candidates, the Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Digital Marketing is for you.

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Digital Marketing

Workforce and Continuing Education (WCE) Digital Marketing Program

Online and specialized

All of the classes in our WCE Digital Marketing program are offered online over the course of an evening or two and are taught by expert instructors with real-world experience in all aspects of digital marketing.

Courses that will help you create or enhance your digital playbook include:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Performance Marketing

Finish all seven in the program and you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Or just take the course(s) you need to enhance your digital presence in the marketplace.

For a look at all the courses available, visit the WCE College Catalog.

For more information on the Digital Marketing Certificate program, contact the coordinator at 586.498.4121 or

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Digital Marketing

Unique and comprehensive

Our Digital Marketing associate degree program uniquely combines courses in marketing, graphic design and information technology.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop target markets and a digital marketing strategy
  • Create interactive digital marketing materials
  • Analyze digital marketing data
  • Post and track digital marketing content

With the knowledge and skills you’ll gain, you’ll be qualified for in-demand positions that include social media assistant, manager or director, marketing assistant or coordinator, or digital marketer.  

Credits earned in the program transfer to four-year colleges and universities if you decide to earn a bachelor’s degree and expand your career opportunities even further.

For a look at all the courses in the program, visit the College Catalog.

For more information on the Digital Marketing associate degree program, contact Monique Beauchamp Doll at or 586.445.7008.

The job market at a glance

Use the tool below to explore current employment opportunities in the digital marketing field with an associate degree from Macomb, as well as with a bachelor’s degree if you decide to continue your education at a four-year college or university.

And if you want to take your new skills to a new job, Career Services is here to help.