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Community Leadership

Resolving Conflict Creatively

Making peace

Every conflict, great or small, leaves behind distrust and dissatisfaction in its wake.

After completing this group of courses, you’ll be the one who can step in and restore people’s confidence in a community, an organization or even, perhaps, an entire country.

In our program, we’ll help you transform your desire for positive change into action. Supplying you with a skillset of tools, you’ll be ready to creatively lead others in the resolution of a variety of conflicts.

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Community Leadership

Building consensus

Our program, one of few like it in Michigan, combines coursework in psychology, social work, human relations, leadership development and conflict resolution.

In earning your Community Leadership Certificate, you’ll become familiar with the fundamentals of community leadership and skilled at their use in conflict resolution:

  • Cultural competency
  • Coalition-building
  • Social and political power dynamics
  • Strategic partnering for positive change

For complete course descriptions, visit the College Catalog.

Your leadership abilities will also be further developed by internships and regular interactions with nonprofit organizations, including Focus Hope and United Way.

You’ll learn to be a community leader in action as well as theory.

Enhancing your degree

While you could put your community leadership skills to good use in a variety of volunteer positions, they also complement many types of careers.  

If you’re considering social work, business management, public service, speech or public relations, our Community Leadership Certificate might just get you in the door.

The learning starts now!

Speak to one of our Community Leadership professors to learn how our certificate program can figure into your career plans: Rochelle Zaranek, 586.286.2273 or Matthew Cross, 586.445.7376.