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Automated Systems Technology - Mechatronics

The new face of manufacturing

Command central

The new manufacturing industry is a dynamic, interconnected network of technical know-how.  It’s fast-paced, precise and never boring.

As a highly skilled mechatronics technician, you’ll be at the center of all of it.

Imagine coordinating mechanical, electrical and computer-controlled robotics into one unified function that drives the manufacturing process and produces a superior product.

Forget Jack of all trades. You’ll be a master of all of them!

For a look at all the courses in our program, consult the course list.

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Automated Systems Technology - Mechatronics

Industry-driven training

Our Mechatronics faculty work with manufacturers to ensure that when you complete our program, you’re ready to go to work for them.

You’ll train in state-of-the art labs on the same systems, software and equipment that’s used in the industry. 

That means you’ll work with electrical sensors, semiconductors, robotic programmers, hydraulics, pneumatics, microcontrollers and the list goes on.

You’ll even use a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to write and troubleshoot programs for an actual assembly line that manufactures a product that you’ll be able to hold in your hands. 

Choose to earn a certificate or an associate degree with confidence that you’ll be up to speed on the latest manufacturing technology and that the credits earned will transfer if you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Fluid Power Certificate Option

Macomb offers students a fast-track option for entry into the fluid power industry. Successful completion of the following courses (18 credits) will qualify and prepare students to take the International Fluid Power Society certification exam:

  • Pneumatics Technology Fundamentals
  • Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting Skills
  • Industrial Hydraulic Fundamentals
  • Electro-Hydraulics Technology
  • Mobile Hydraulics Technology
  • Fluid Power Certification Preparation

The certificate program can be completed in one spring/summer semester.

Ready to take the controls?

Great! Professors Jennifer Seger, 586.445.7326, and Ken Dulinski, 586.445.7248, are ready to answer your questions. Or call the Engineering Technology office, 586.445.7435, for more information.

Skills that are in high demand

Take a look at the data below to explore the positions and average salaries for those with an associate degree in mechatronics.  If you decide to advance your education, we’ve also included data that shows what you can expect to earn with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university.

And our Career Services is here to help you find a job, as well as polish your resume and interview skills so you make a good impression when you meet with hiring employers.