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2014-15 Tuition rates set by Macomb Community College Board of Trustees

– Tuesday, March 18, 2014 10:00PM

This evening, at its regular monthly meeting, the Macomb Community College Board of Trustees authorized tuition rates for the fall 2014 through spring/summer 2015 semesters.  Tuition will increase three percent, with resident rates set at $91.50 per credit hour. 

Among the state’s 28 community colleges, Macomb’s tuition rates are lower than the average, with the college offering the fifth lowest cost of attendance when both tuition and fees are factored in.   Attending Macomb to complete the first two years toward a bachelor’s degree is one-quarter the cost – 75 percent lower – than starting at one of Michigan’s public universities.

“Our community relies on Macomb to be an essential connection to degrees and to careers,” said James Jacobs, president, Macomb Community College.  “Preserving the affordability of attending Macomb, keeping our programs relevant to the evolving demands of the New Economy, and maintaining the fiscal soundness and sustainability of the college is always at the forefront of our operational planning.”

Macomb’s revenue is comprised of three primary sources:  tuition, state appropriations and local property taxes.  The college has been managing a balanced budget, investing in programs that position individuals for success and maintaining affordability for students – despite dealing with continuing cuts in state appropriations and dwindling property tax revenue for more than a decade.  While property tax values are stabilizing and the governor has proposed a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that includes a 2.4 percent increase in appropriations for Macomb, revenues from these sources are still lower than the revenue levels from 2007-8 and 2002, respectively.

Historically, community college enrollment has proven to be countercyclical, declining in relation to improving economic conditions and higher employment rates.  Macomb’s enrollment continues to be within ranges projected by local economic conditions, with decreases less than that being experienced by most other community colleges in Michigan. 

“Given the long-term economic challenges, the ability of Macomb College to present a fiscally responsible budget that incorporates a modest tuition increase underscores the careful, balanced approach taken to preserve the integrity of our student’s experiences and the programs we offer,” said James F. Kelly, chair, Macomb Community College Board of Trustees. “Through incorporation of efficiencies, active management of enrollment and an aggressive approach to alternative sources of revenue to fund important program investments, Macomb Community College remains a strong institution both financially and operationally, actively contributing to the economic vitality Macomb County and its residents.”

All of Macomb Community College tuition rates will increase three percent beginning with the fall 2014 semester:

Category                              Current Tuition                 2014-15 Tuition

Resident                              $ 89.00                              $ 91.50

Non Resident                        $136.00                            $ 140.00

Out of State/ Foreign             $176.00                             $181.00

Affiliate*                              $112.00                             $115.00

Variable (Contract)                 $ 89.00                              $ 91.50

*Those living in areas not served by a community college district.

Macomb Community College ( is one of the nation’s leading community colleges, providing learning experiences to more than 48,000 students annually.  Macomb nationally ranks in the top two percent in the number of associate degrees awarded by community colleges and as the largest grantor of associate degrees in Michigan.  The college’s comprehensive educational programming includes pre-collegiate experiences, university transfer and career preparation programs, bachelor degree completion and graduate degree programs, workforce training, professional education and certification, and continuing education and enrichment opportunities. 

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