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Loan Period, Fines & Fees

Item Type Loan Periods & Limits Overdue Fines
Books 21 day loan period

Macomb Students: 10 items total (incl. DALNET Get It Local, up to 5 MeLCat titles), 1 renewal

County residents, guest students, and community borrowers: 3 items total (incl. DALNET Get It Local and/or MeLCat), 1 renewal
25 cents per day, per item
DVD & Media Items 4 day loan period

Students, guests, and community borrowers: 3 items total, 1 renewal 
$5.00 per day, per item
Reserve Materials Varies, 3 hours - 21 days
Students: 1 renewal
Hourly: $.01 per minute, per-hourly loan time

Daily: $1.20 per day, per-daily loan item

Overdue Notices:

Notices will be sent to the borrower's home address:

  • First Notice after 7 days overdue
  • Second Notice after 14 days overdue
  • Final Notice after 21 days overdue
  • Bill for fines and/or Replacement Cost after 28 days overdue.

Even if you renew the overdue items, you are still responsible to pay the late fees which you incurred between the time the item was due and the day you renewed it. If you have any questions or concerns about library fines and/or fees, please contact the Library Services staff at the campus from which you checked out the materials.

Failure to pay student account balances, including library fines, can result in having a HOLD placed on your student account, which blocks you from registration and obtaining important information such as transcripts.