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Getting A Library Card

Who Can Get A Library Card?

If you fit into any of the categories below, you may obtain a library card and borrow items directly from the Macomb College Library.

  • Current students, faculty, or staff of Macomb Community College can borrow up to 10 Items.
  • Macomb County residents can borrow up to 3 Items.
  • Students at other academic libraries that participate in SEMLOL can borrow up to 3 items.
  • Users from MILibraryCard Libraries can borrow up to 3 items.

How Can I Get My Library Card?

You may obtain a library card by visiting the front Library Services Desk at either campus library. You must have a driver's license or state I.D. card as proof of identification.

If you are a current student using a Macomb OneCard, you may activate the library card number on the back of your OneCard in lieu of getting a separate library card.