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Acceptable Libraries & Learning Centers Computer and Web Use

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers’ computers have been made available primarily for the use of students, faculty and staff of the College and its university partners. These resources are present in order to support the educational and informational purposes that they choose to pursue.

While community residents and University Center partners are welcome to use these resources, the needs of Macomb Community College’s students, faculty and staff will take precedence. Users with legitimate educational needs directly related to the curriculum of the College will receive preferential access to college computers and the Internet.

Persons using college computers for personal or business purposes may be asked to give up their seat in order to accommodate users with legitimate educational needs. During peak periods, users may be asked to limit their time of computer use to one hour in order to accommodate those who are waiting.

Macomb Community College Libraries and Learning Centers reserve the right to refuse access to the internet to anyone found to be in violation of the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.