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Reasonable Accommodations, Auxiliary Aids and Services

Reasonable Accommodations: Any modification or adjustment that will assure equal opportunity to rights and privileges of all programs and services offered by a post-secondary institution. Reasonable accommodation does not necessarily mean preferred accommodation.

Reasonable Accommodation
  • Academic Adjustments (extended time to complete tests)
  • Tape recording of classes
  • Taped textbooks, e-text, note-taking assistance
  • Alternative testing and evaluation
Academic Adjustments NOT required.
  • If it would fundamentally alter the nature of the program
  • When the academic requirements are essential to a program of study or to meet licensing requirements
Auxiliary Aids and Services
  • Qualified Interpreters
  • Note takers
  • Real-time transcription services
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Closed captioning decoders
  • TTY
  • Classroom seating modification (adjust chair/table arrangement)
Auxiliary Aids & Services NOT provided
  • Personal attendants
  • Individually prescribed devices (glasses, canes, wheelchairs, hearing aids, computers, etc.)
  • Readers for personal use or study
  • Other devices of a personal nature

* Pursuant to an agreement with Macomb Community College, Michigan Rehabilitation Services or the Michigan Commission for the Blind will, as described in a student's Individualized Plan for Employment, provide services needed to enable the eligible student to benefit from training or other activities that lead to employment. Examples include, but are not limited to, rehabilitation counseling, tuition assistance, personal sensory aids, individually prescribed assistive technology for personal use, and interpreter services/real-time captioning in experiential, vocational learning activities outside the classroom. Such services shall be provided in whole or in part at the cost of Michigan Rehabilitation Services and/or the Michigan Commission for the Blind.