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Accommodations & Special Services

Special Services Counselors work with students who need assistance to succeed in college due to a physical disability, learning disability, insufficient academic skills or language barrier.

We'll work with you to help identify career options and to develop a personalized education plan.

Our staff helps with all of the services available through Counseling and Advising, along with the following:

  • Specialized counseling
  • Evaluation of student interests and abilities
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Networking within the college and agencies
  • Referrals for tutoring to the Learning Center
  • Alternative testing arrangements
  • Coordination of services such as:
    • Captionists
    • FM equipment
    • Interpreters
    • Note-takers

Procedures for Requesting Academic and Testing Accommodations


  • Alternate format textbooks: Contact Special Services as soon as possible if you will need an alternate format of your textbook. It may take a month or more to obtain materials in alternate format.
  • Public Communication Service: Macomb uses a Sorenson VRS Unit.

Campus Accessibility:

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American Disability Act of 1991, academic accommodations will be provided to students who have a documented disability.

  • Our buildings are equipped with special runways, elevators, handrails and specially constructed facilities to make student movement and use easier.
  • Elevator keys are available through the College Police Department at both campuses.
  • For access to Special Parking, please contact your local Secretary of State for a special parking sticker.

The Special Populations Program is a network of support to help displaced homemakers, single parents, single-pregnant women and other members of eligible population groups find direction in their lives and obtain the job skills necessary to provide financial support and develop independence.

For more information, please email