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Special Populations

The Special Populations Program is a network of support established at Macomb Community College to help members of eligible population groups find direction in their lives and obtain the job skills necessary to provide financial support and develop independence for themselves.

If you describe yourself as one of the following, you may qualify for this program (male or female):

  • Displaced homemaker
  • Homemakers
  • Single parent
  • Single-pregnant woman
  • Interest in non-traditional career

Our staff can help with:

  • Financial assistance with:
    • tuition, fees and required books
    • funding non-traditional career education
    • funding occupational education and training
  • Liaison services for Michigan Works! clients
  • Referrals for placement testing & evaluation
  • Referrals for Counseling & Academic Advising Services
  • Referrals for tutoring to the Learning Center
  • Referrals for Job Placement services

Students may initiate their own use of these services or may be referred by college staff, faculty, area high school counselors, social agency personnel, or other professionals.

Our Special Services Counselors work with students who need assistance to succeed in college due to a physical disability, learning disability, insufficient academic skills, or language barrier.

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Office Location:

South Campus, G370