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Macomb Counselors Are Here to Help You… 

Whether you have a general idea of what you want to do or no idea at all, count on Macomb’s counselors to help you explore the possibilities. Our counselors are dedicated to helping the undecided student. Let them show you how to have a rewarding college experience and stay on the path toward a career that’s right for you.

Learn about Yourself

There are many resources available at Macomb that can help you identify a program and a career that best suits your interests and personality traits. 

Schedule a one-hour appointment with a counselor to discuss:  

Career Testing and Exploration:  Offered in collaboration with Macomb’s Career Services Department, these assessments can help you identify your:

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Skills
  • Strengths

Pathways to Success: A good map to follow if you are undecided. This step-by-step guide walks you through the career decision-making process.   

Exploring Career Pathways Workshop: Learn about free online assessments that can help you identify careers that match your interests, as well as a variety of web resources offering information about careers you are considering.    

LIFE 1010: A three-credit course in Career Development and Decision-Making that provides a bridge between career exploration and program selection.  Expect to visit local companies where you can speak with professionals in a variety of fields 

Decide upon a Program

Explore Macomb’s Area of Interests, which are similar programs conveniently bundled together so you can compare those that appeal to you.

Take advantage of Career Services, your one-stop shop for exploring career opportunities, including educational requirements, employment outlook and median salaries.

Visit the University Center, a close-to-home option if you think transfer may be in your future.  Twelve partner colleges and universities offer more than 75 bachelor completion and master degree programs on Macomb’s Center Campus.

Speak with other college and university representatives during their visits on campus, which are scheduled regularly throughout the fall and winter semesters. This is the perfect time to ask questions about their bachelor’s degree programs and available transfer scholarships.  View Macomb’s calendar, where dates, times and locations of scheduled college and university visits are posted each semester.   

Stay on Track

Follow the academic program plan that you have developed with your counselor to stay on track toward your academic goal.  Each semester before you can register for classes, you will need to verify this plan on the student portal.

Attend a Student Success Seminar, offered during the fall and winter semesters, if you need help in a specific area to ensure that you continue progressing toward your goal.  Seminars are even available for those students who are the first in their family to attend college.

Understand the transfer process so you know the requirements and important deadlines at the college or university that you plan on transferring to.   

Verify that you have met your degree or certificate program requirements with your counselor before your last semester at Macomb. 

Update your resume with Career Services, where you can also practice interviewing skills and connect with career networks.  And look for information on the Macomb calendar about the career fair held every spring.

For more information, please email