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Career Experience

Our Internship Program provides maximum exposure in the field you are studying, while integrating classroom experience. Participating gives you a definite advantage while pursuing your career goal.

Internships and Cooperative Education give you a vital link with the business and civic community, and allows you to practice career skills in an environment difficult to duplicate in a college laboratory setting. You'll also get on-the-job experience to develop technical and interpersonal skills critical to successful employment.

Positions may be

  • Paid or unpaid
  • Full-time or part-time
  • On an alternating (work one semester, attend class the next) or parallel (work while attending class) schedule

Additionally, we can assist you with the latest trends, information and resources on Career Mentoring, Job Shadowing and Informational Interviewing. These opportunities provide you with exposure to professionals working within your area of study or career field.

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