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Bookstore computer sale

Macomb Community College Bookstores are located in the Student Community Centers at both Center and South Campus. Here you'll find:

  • Required and recommended textbooks
  • Reference materials
  • Supplies
  • College sportswear

Bookstore Update for Fall 2021

For the Fall 2021 Semester, both Center Campus and South Campus bookstores will be open for students. The South Campus bookstore has re-opened in K building. The Center Campus bookstore is located in P building.

The bookstore will offer multiple shopping options: in-store shopping, shopper assistance service and online ordering with the option of in-store pick-up or shipping. If in-store pickup or shipping is selected, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you when your order is available for pick-up or when it has shipped.

Ordering online

When placing orders online, please remember to enter your Macomb email or other email address. Please do not enter your numerical seven digit Macomb ID as your email address. By adding an email address, this will allow the bookstore to send communication regarding your order status.

Multiple Semester Registration

Macomb has adopted a new multiple semester registration model beginning with Spring/Summer 2021, allowing students to register for multiple semesters. Students can register for up to three semesters at one time. Please note: Students are able to purchase books and supplies for the current semester only. Students are able to view the materials needed for future semesters.

Financial Aid and Sponsored Billing Students

Financial aid students can begin purchasing textbooks and laptops with their excess financial aid, beginning on July 12 for the Fall 2021 semester only.

Students can purchase authorized books, supplies or laptops using financial aid or sponsored billing assistance during the term purchase periods below:

  • Fall 2021: July 12, 2021 - November 3, 2021
  • Winter 2022: November 29, 2021 - March, 30, 2022

During the online order checkout process, select the Financial Aid payment method and enter your 7-digit student ID. Please note: If your order is partially covered by financial aid or sponsored billing, the bookstore will contact you and require in person payment to complete the order.

Visit the financial aid website for a complete list of allowable items and utilizing financial aid for campus bookstore purchases.


Students are able to shop by their Macomb ID through Canvas (using the Bookstore icon) and connect directly with their Macomb schedule. In addition, when ordering electronic course material, students will be sent directly to Canvas (when possible, based on the textbook publisher). This will allow the student to quickly and seamlessly access course materials.

Laptop Computers

The bookstore now sells laptops on their website. The laptops are not able to be shipped and will be available for in-store purchase or pickup. There are three models available that financial aid students may purchase using their excess financial aid. Financial aid students are limited to one laptop purchase per year. Please note, laptops will not be available for pick up until one week prior to the start date of the semester if purchased with financial aid.

Rental Returns

Book rental return deadline for Spring Summer 2021 Semester is August 16. Both bookstores will handle rental returns in a designated area within in the store. Please have the name, email address or phone number used for the rental order available.

Book Buyback

If students want to sell back their books back at the end of the semester, they can do this at either bookstore location or online through the bookstore websites. The student would click the dropdown under "shop," click the "textbooks" link and then choose "sell my textbooks." The student would receive a check or a PayPal payment.

Paperless Materials

Learn how to access digital downloads that use RedShelf to provide the content.

Bookstore Locations and Contact Information

Center Campus - P Building
44575 Garfield Rd.
Clinton Township, MI 48038-1139

Phone: 586.286.2093
Email: or

South Campus - K Building
(starting February 1, 2021)
14500 E. 12 Mile Rd
Warren, MI 48088-3896

Phone: 586.445.7385
Email: or

Save Your Receipts!

The Higher Education American Opportunity Tax Credit includes a Textbook Tax Credit, for which many Macomb Community College students may be eligible. This government program reimburses students for up to 100% (or $2,500) of the cost for required textbooks and other course materials.

For more information, visit