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Spring/Summer Classes

Make spring/summer your time to shine!

These courses are a great option if you’re:

  • Looking to complete a required class and get a jump on fall semester
  • A guest student home for the summer from another college or university – Macomb credits transfer!
  • Excited to get started earning a degree or certificate

Why is Macomb a good choice for spring/summer courses?

  • Pay a fraction of what you’d pay at other schools
  • Smaller class sizes = more personal attention
  • More than 500 online courses available
  • Shorter semesters (four to 12 weeks) get you back in the sunshine!

And don't forget about Multiple-Semester Registration. See how you can register for three semesters at one time starting every March!

Important dates and information on how to apply


Find the course(s) you are looking for at Search for Sections.

Still have questions? Contact or call 586.445.7999, select Admissions.

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