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Spring/Summer 2021 Classes

Make spring/summer your time to shine!

These courses are a great option if you’re:

  • Looking to complete a required class and get a jump on fall semester
  • A guest student home for the summer from another college or university – Macomb credits transfer!
  • Excited to get started earning a degree or certificate

Why is Macomb a good choice for spring/summer courses?

  • Pay a fraction of what you’d pay at other schools
  • Smaller class sizes = more personal attention
  • More than 500 online courses available
  • Shorter semesters (four to 12 weeks) get you back in the sunshine!

And don't forget about Multiple-Semester Registration. See how you can register for three semesters at one time starting every March!

Important dates and information on how to apply

Spring/Summer 2021 Formats

It is expected that most spring/summer 2021 classes will be offered in online (at your convenience) or remote (in real time) Class Formats. The Virtual Campus is your one-stop shop for a variety of free resources to help make your online learning experience a positive one.

Find the course(s) you are looking for at Search for Sections.

Still have questions? Contact or call 586.445.7999, select Admissions.

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