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Macomb’s History courses comprehensively span both time and place, introducing you to ancient Greece, post World War II America and modern day China, to name just a few. You’ll learn about the far reaching architectural influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, Anne Boleyn’s 1,000 day reign as Queen of England, Detroit’s formative years as a French trading post and how the Vietnam War served as a catalyst to the formation of a global counterculture.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Macomb for History

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History Courses at Macomb

  • Women in European History to 1450
  • Women in European History, 1450-1848
  • History Goes to the Movies
  • Western Civilization to 1648
  • Western Civilization Since 1648
  • The World Since 1945
  • History of Invention and Technology in America
  • History of the United States to 1877
  • History of the United States Since 1877 
  • History of American Movies 1896-1950
  • Cultural History: American Architecture 1630-2000
  • The Changing of America, 1945 to the Present
  • Vietnam War: An International History, 1945 to Present
  • War, Genocide and the Holocaust
  • The History of Michigan
  • Latin America in the Modern World
  • Asia in the Modern World
  • Middle East Since 1945

Career Opportunities in History

Those with a bachelor’s degree in history are employed in a variety of fields including education (K-12 teaching), research, film, communications, business, libraries, museums and archival organizations, and are also well-prepared to pursue a law or political science degree. A master’s degree in history or required for advanced research and teaching positions.

Transfer Pathways

The credits earned in Macomb’s History Courses transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan.

If you intend to transfer and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in History, speak with a Macomb counselor or academic advisor as soon as possible after you have applied to Macomb to plan the best pathway.

How do I find out more about the History Courses?

For more information on our History courses at Macomb, contact the Associate Dean at South Campus: 586.445.7354 or or at Center Campus: 586.286.2282 or

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