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State Aid

Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)

Phase I of the Tuition Incentive Program pays community college in-district tuition, registration and student service fees (no course fees) for up to 12 credit hours per semester, or a total of 24 credit hours per academic year. TIP will pay a maximum of 80 credit hours over a lifetime. A student can only receive TIP benefits at one institution per semester.

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Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program

This program provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate both financial need and academic potential. Academic potential is based on the SAT scores. Those eligible may receive up to the amount of demonstrated financial need or the amount of tuition, whichever is less, not to exceed an amount set by the State.

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver Program (MITW)

The Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver is a program enacted by Public Act 174 of 1976, which waives the tuition costs for eligible Native Americans in public community colleges or universities within Michigan (student is responsible for paying all fees).

All state funds listed above are based on the funds appropriated by State Legislature. Funding is subject to change without notice.