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Workplace Computing Skills Certificate Program

A Continuing Education Program

Microsoft is probably used by most people out there.
- Miguel de Icaza, CTO at Xamarin Inc., Founder of Gnome and Mono projects

Why Workplace Computing Skills?

Workplace Computing Skills are what power today’s modern office.  Job candidates with proven experience in Microsoft® Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint are most likely to rise to the top of the call-back list when interviewing for non IT or CAD positions.  Providing the industry standard in word processing, forms and records, spreadsheets and presentations, Microsoft Office is the go to software for most every type of documentation used in business and industry today.           

The Workplace Computing Skills Certificate Program at Macomb

Macomb’s Workplace Computing Skills Program provides comprehensive training in the most used software in the Microsoft Office suite.  You will learn how to create bulleted and numbered lists, tables and newsletter columns using Word.  You will learn about previewing and printing data, designing databases, and crosstab queries using Access.  You will learn about selecting cells and ranges, printing worksheets, and inserting and deleting columns using Excel.  You will learn how to document themes, format text, add clip art and graphics, and print presentations using PowerPoint.  Classes may be taken individually or as part of the certificate of completion program.       

What is a Continuing Education Program?

Continuing Education programs are open enrollment, which means you do not have to fill out an application to Macomb Community College. Continuing Education programs are not eligible for financial aid or for academic credit toward an associate degree or related certificate.

Workplace Computing Courses at Macomb

In the Workplace Computing Skills Certificate Program at Macomb, you will take the following courses:

  • Word
  • Access
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Workplace Computing Skills Certificate Program?

For more information about the Workforce Computing Skills Certificate Program at Macomb, contact the program coordinator at 586.498.4121 or  

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