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University Center Programs

Below is a list of University Center programs provided by each Macomb University Center partner. Most of the bachelor's degrees have a transfer plan between Macomb and the partner. Click on the program link to view the plan.

Central Michigan University

Contact: Kris Haymon at 248.526.2610

Ferris State University

Contact: 586.263.6773

Madonna University

Contact: Amanda Geraci at 586.263.6330

Michigan State University

Contact: Anne Snyder at 586.263.6731

Northwood University

Contact: Jesus Grafilo at 586.839.2170

Oakland University

Contact: Cheryl Rhodey at 586.263.6242

Rochester University

Contact: Katherine Folmar at 586.263.6288

University of Detroit Mercy

Contact: Donna Gormely at 586.263.6308


Contact: Angela Conard at 586.723.1500

Bachelor of Accountancy:

BBA - Finance:

BBA - General Business:

BBA - Management:

BBA – Marketing:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Wayne State University

Contact: Doug Peacock at 586.263.6700

Western Michigan University

Contact: Kristin Hrynczuk at 586.226.4838