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Restaurant Management Program

Finding the happiness…in continuously serving somebody else something good to eat is what makes a really good restaurant.
-Mario Batali, Chef, Author, Restaurateur and Television Personality

What is Restaurant Management?

From drive-through to prix fixe, all food service organizations employ a Restaurant Management team to ensure a profitable operation that meets customer expectations and industry standards.  Those in Restaurant Management must have a diverse range of skills from which to draw, depending on the type of establishment that they work for or own.  While back-of-the-house responsibilities may be shared with an executive chef and front-of-the-house with a dining room manager or maître d’, the responsibilities of Restaurant Management regularly include customer service, safe food handling, buying, staffing and scheduling, table service, marketing, menu-planning, Point-of-Sale systems, payroll and cash flow.

The Restaurant Management Program at Macomb

In Macomb’s Restaurant Management Program, you will be introduced to the back-of-the-house operations under the guidance of a chef-instructor, who will teach you the meaning of culinary terms as well as basic cooking techniques for stocks, soups and sauces. You will also learn how to calculate food costs, effectively order in quantity, handle food safely and use a menu as a management tool. At Macomb’s teaching restaurant, Center Stage, you will become familiar with front-of-the-house operations, including dining room management and table service techniques.         

Restaurant Management Courses at Macomb Community College

In the Restaurant Management Program at Macomb, you will take a variety of courses specific to your selected major, including:

  • Culinary Techniques
  • Sanitation
  • Cost Control
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Table Service
  • Culinary Skills Development
  • Supervision
  • Purchasing
  • Beverage Service
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Menu Planning
  • A la Carte Dining

Career Opportunities with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Restaurant Management

With an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Restaurant Management, you will be qualified for positions that include food service manager, assistant manager or line supervisor.

Transfer Pathways to a Bachelor’s Degree in Restaurant Management

The credits earned in Macomb’s Restaurant Management Program transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan.

If you intend to transfer and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Restaurant Management, speak with a Macomb counselor or academic advisor as soon as possible after you have applied to Macomb to plan the best pathway.

Occupational Certification

Macomb’s Workforce and Continuing Education Department offers Certification and Re-Certification programs for food service managers.

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Restaurant Management Program?

For more information on the Restaurant Program at Macomb, contact one of the Restaurant Management Program advisors:

Professor Jeffrey Wolf, 586.226.4740
Professor Scott O’Farrell, 586.226.4741
Professor Heather Pusta, 586.286.2088

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