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Reading Courses

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
- Frederick Douglass, Former Slave, Abolitionist, Writer and Statesman

Why Reading?

Aside from the basic necessities, such as following instructions on a cake mix box or prescribed medicine bottle, reading is the necessary foundation on which most all other life skills are built.  For college students, reading is essential for a meaningful and quality educational experience.  And it is not simply the ability to read that is a deciding factor in one’s academic and, ultimately, career success, but how fast and thoroughly a reader can process and understand what they have read.    

Reading at Macomb

Macomb offers two Reading Courses that can help you improve speed, vocabulary and comprehension. Your placement test score will determine whether you should enroll in Reading Strategies or College Reading & Study Skills your first semester at Macomb. Reading Strategies will help you improve fundamental reading skills for greater success in college.  College Reading & Study Skills will help you develop college-level vocabulary and comprehension skills and a flexible reading rate dependent upon the material you are reading.  

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Reading Courses?

For more information about Macomb’s Reading Courses, contact the Communications Department at Center Campus: or 586.286.2145 or at South Campus: or 586.445.7138.

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