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Pre-Engineering Program

What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems.
- Michio Kaku, Author, Physicist, City College of New York Professor and Television Personality

What is Pre-Engineering?

Formed from the Latin words for “clever” and “to contrive,” “Engineering” refers to the field responsible for some of humanity’s greatest achievements.  The pyramids in Egypt, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Empire State Building in New York are all the result of feats of engineering.  And so, too, are the Mackinac Bridge, NASA’s space shuttles, Apple iPad and the Chevrolet Corvette.  Whether it’s civil, aerospace, electrical, mechanical or any other engineering specialty, the underpinnings are the same: math and science.         

Pre-Engineering at Macomb

Macomb’s Pre-Engineering Program has been designed to give you a strong foundation in math, science and basic engineering principles that you can build upon through further and more specialized study. You will be introduced to the engineering professions through lectures and guest speakers, and learn about workplace expectations and problem-solving through teamwork.    

Pre-Engineering Courses at Macomb

In Macomb’s Pre-Engineering Program, you will take courses that will prepare you to transfer to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Program including:

  • General Chemistry 1 & 2
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1 - 3
  • Analytical Physics 1 & 2
  • College Physics 1
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Principles of Economics
  • Differential Equations
  • Engineering Computer Elective

Career Opportunities with an Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Engineering

With an Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Engineering, you will be qualified for positions that include electrical & electronics engineering technician, engineering technician and mechanical engineering technician.  

Transfer Pathways to a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

The credits earned in Macomb’s Pre-Engineering Program will transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan.

If you intend to transfer and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, speak with a Macomb counselor or academic advisor as soon as possible after you have applied to Macomb to plan the best pathway.

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Pre-Engineering Program?

For more information about the Pre-Engineering Program at Macomb, contact the Associate Dean at Center Campus: 586.286.2282 or, or at South Campus: 586.445.7354 or

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