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Physics Courses

Nothing happens until something moves
- Albert Einstein, Physicist,Winner of the Noble Prize for Physics

What is Physics?

Physics is rocket science and so much more.  It’s the branch of science that focuses on matter, motion and energy and how they interact with each other.  It is what is behind Sir Isaac Newton’s dictate that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relatively.  It’s why a bicyclist peddles much harder going uphill than down, distances between planets are measured in light years and a seesaw is more than child’s play.       

Physics at Macomb

In Macomb’s Physics Courses, you will learn the fundamental principles of physics, including mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, electricity wave motion and optics.  You will participate in integrated experiments dealing with the physics of mechanics, thermodynamics, vibrations and wave motion.  If you are majoring in physical science or engineering, you will also be introduced to calculus-based electromagnetism and conduct experiments dealing with the physics of electromagnetism, electromagnetic waves, and physical and geometrical optics. 

Macomb’s Physics Courses

College Physics 1 & 2

Analytical Physics 1 & 2

Career Opportunities with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, you will be qualified for a variety of engineering positions, as a technician or research assistant, or, with a teaching certificate, as a high school physics teacher.  A doctoral degree is usually required to become a physicist or researcher, or to teach at a university.

Transfer Pathways to a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

The credits earned in Macomb’s Physics Courses transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan.

If you intend to transfer and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, speak with a Macomb counselor or academic advisor as soon as possible after you have applied to Macomb to plan the best pathway.

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Physics Courses?

For more information on Physics Courses at Macomb, contact the Associate Dean at Center Campus: 586.286.2147,, or at South Campus: 586.445.7354,

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