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Community Leadership Certificate Program

It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela, Social Activist, First Black President of South Africa  

Why Community Leadership?

It takes more than dedication and perseverance to become an effective agent for change; it also takes a unique form of leadership and an understanding of diverse social issues. Community leaders must be adept at balancing individual need with the greater good and, unlike running a strictly commercial enterprise, accept that success may not be quickly measured. Whether it’s in the nonprofit, public or private sector, community leadership is respected as a skill that brings people together to work toward a common goal.  Grassroots or corporate outreach, it’s the foundation of an inclusive society.                    

The Community Leadership Certificate Program at Macomb

Macomb’s Community Leadership Certificate Program prepares you for employment and/or community service.  Through internships and regular interactions with organizations that include United Way, Focus Hope and CARE of Southeastern Michigan, students are introduced to the organizational, cultural competency and coalition-building skills necessary for community leadership. You will also learn about conflict resolution, social and political power dynamics, and using power strategically to bring about positive change. This certificate program complements several majors, including social work, business management, public service, speech and public relations.  

Community Leadership Courses at Macomb

To earn a Community Leadership Certificate at Macomb, you must successfully complete four core courses, one of which includes an internship, and one of three specified electives. 

Core Courses:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizing and Conflict Resolution
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Directed Study/Internship

Electives (must complete one):

  • Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Principles of Management
  • Management Decision-Making and Critical Analysis        

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Community Leadership Certificate Program?

Contact the program coordinators: Professor Rochelle Zaranek, 586.286.2273 or, or Professor Matthew Cross, 586.445.7376 or

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