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Accounting Program

The pen is mightier than the sword, but no match for the accountant. - Jonathan Glancey, British Journalist

What is Accounting?

From tabulating the votes for the Oscars® (PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting firm, does it each year) to conducting an internal audit at a Fortune 500 company to helping an individual navigate changing tax laws, an accountant’s work is never done. Accounting has long been called the “language of business,” and since business drives most everything we do, employment opportunities in Accounting are many and varied.
The Accounting Program at Macomb Community College prepares you for entry-level positions in Accounting, or provides you with the job skills necessary to advance in your career if you are already employed in the Accounting field.

Career Opportunities in Accounting

With an Associate of Business Administration Degree in Accounting from Macomb, you will be qualified for positions that include payroll and time keeping clerks, loan officer, tax preparer, teller, new accounts clerk, bookkeeping, account and posting and auditing clerks.
Macomb’s Accounting Program also offers two other options for gaining entry into the Accounting field: Certificate in Accounting and a Skill Specific Certificate in Accounting, both of which also qualify you for positions that include payroll and time keeping clerks, loan officer, tax preparer, teller, new accounts clerk, bookkeeping, account and posting and auditing clerks, but without taking the arts and science courses required for an associate degree.

Transfer Pathways to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Accounting

If you want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you will need to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and 150 total credit hours. Credits earned in Macomb’s Accounting Program transfer to many colleges and universities in Michigan that offer Accounting degrees, and, just as importantly, the coursework in Macomb’s Accounting Program prepares you for success at any of them.

If you intend to transfer and pursue a bachelor’s or masters degree in Accounting or Accountancy, speak with a counselor or academic advisor as soon as possible after you have applied to Macomb to plan the best pathway.

Accounting Courses at Macomb Community College

In the Accounting Program at Macomb, you will take a variety of courses specific to your selected major, including:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Business Enterprise
  • Computer and Information Processing Principles
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Business Communications
  • Microcomputer Applications in Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Federal Income Tax-Individual

Occupational Certificate in Business

Macomb’s Workforce and Continuing Education Department offers certificate programs in business that may be earned in six months or less. These can provide you with a gateway into a business career and the option of earning a salary in a business-related position while you pursue further education, training and/or certification in Accounting.

How do I find out more about Macomb’s Accounting Program?

For more information on the Accounting Program at Macomb, contact one of the Accounting Program advisors:

Professor Shirley Glass, 586.445.7154
Professor William Callaghan, 586.286.2135
Professor Fred Jex, 586.286.2171
Professor Brian Newman, 586.445.7309

Gainful Employment Disclosure

For information about program cost, on-time completion rates, typical student debt, and other important information, visit:


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