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Cultural Competency Certificate

What is it?

The Cultural Competency Certificate, or C3, is 20 contact hours or 2 CEU credits acquired through attendance at multicultural and international events, workshops and activities at Macomb Community College. It is a non-academic certificate awarded by Macomb Community College and Macomb Multicultural International Initiatives (MMII).

What is the purpose?

It is intended to increase the knowledge, sensitivity and skills in cross-cultural interactions. Its purpose is to develop global awareness and local ability in a diverse economy and world.

Who can get the C3?

The C3 is available to all students, staff and community members.

What does it cost?

Not a thing! It is free as part of Macomb's commitment to providing education, enrichment and economic development to the college and county community.

Why bother?

Once earned, you can list this certificate on a resume or on your academic record. In a competitive economy and global marketplace, this can provide a possible advantage, a value-added component to your academic degree or professional goals.

  • It sets you apart from the next student.
  • It might be used by those whose professional licensing requires on-going CEU credits.
  • It gives you that extra edge.

How do I earn it?

Please read the following carefully.

You must be in the college database to receive credit for any activities leading to the C3.

You must sign in at each event if you are working towards the Cultural Competency Certificate (C3). No credit will be given if you are not signed in at each event.

Monitor your progress. When you have acquired 20 contact hours or 2 CEU’s, contact for an official audit. Please include your student ID number or Datatel number in the email when requesting an audit. The subject line of your email must read MMII Certificate Audit Request. You may request that a C3 certifictate be mailed to you. It will also be designated on the continuing education transcript.

These are not SB-CEU’s and cannot be used toward the K-12 teacher certificate renewal at this time.

Watch for speakers, events and workshops bearing the MMII logo or with a statement ……”applies toward the Cultural Competency Certificate.”

How do I check my progress?

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Select “Current and Former Students”
  3. From the “Current and Former Students” drop-down list select “Academic Profile”
  4. From the “Academic Profile” drop-down list select “Transcript”
  5. Change the “Transcript Type” to “NCS Continuing Education Transcript” and submit
  6. Add up the MMII CEUs (20 contact hours = 2 CEUs)
  7. If you have reached the requirement, email to request an audit. The subject line of your email must read: MMII Certification Audit Request. Also, please include your Macomb ID number in the email.

New Addition / New Opportunity

We now offer a Level III certificate with the completion of 20 or more additional hours of approved MMII activities beyond level II.

Contact us with questions.

Earn a Certificate in Cultural Competency:

  • Attend MMII-Sanctioned Events
  • Pre-Register and Sign In to Earn CEUs
  • Gain Understanding of Other Cultures
  • Add a Valuable Credential to Your Resume