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Do I have to Take It?

Do I Have To Take It?

Most likely, yes. Placement testing is required of all new students and returning students who have not attended Macomb in several years. But there are a few exceptions.

You must take the Placement Test if:

  • You are a new student
  • You haven’t attended Macomb since summer 1986 and have not successfully completed any English or reading courses
  • You attended Macomb summer 1986 or later and never took a placement test

You may be granted an exemption if:

  • You have already successfully completed college level coursework in reading, writing and math
  • You completed a similar placement test recognized by Macomb
  • You are a guest student
  • You are taking courses for personal interest (allowed up to 16 credit hours)

For more information, contact Counseling and Advising: H103, Center Campus, 586.286.2228, or G370, South Campus, 586.445.7211, or email