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Commuting Canadian Students

Follow these steps to obtain an F-1 student visa to attend Macomb Community College if you plan to remain living in Canada.


  1. Contact an International Student Representative at Macomb by email at
  2. Take the Macomb placement test to evaluate your level of English language proficiency. If the score meets Macomb’s requirements, we can proceed with the paperwork.
  3. Fill out and return all the forms printed from the checklist.
  4. When all forms are complete, Macomb will create the I-20 form and mail it to you to sign or make an appointment to come to campus to sign the form. If the forms are not complete, Macomb will contact you by email.
  5. When the I-20 is received, pay the SEVIS fee online. Take your I-20 and SEVIS payment receipt to the U.S. side of the Canadian/U.S. border for processing.
  6. Notify the International Student Services office (email that you have been approved, complete the online orientation and meet with a counselor.


The documents you need to return to Macomb to be considered for admission are: (click on links to access and print forms)

1. Admission Application Applicant’s signature and Canadian address on the Application for Admission is mandatory.
2. I-20 Information Form Information used by Macomb Community College to create the I-20.
3. I-134 form Affidavit of support to be completed by the student’s sponsor. If the student is acting as their own sponsor they would complete the form themselves. The purpose is to file a promise with USCIS to support an alien and pay for tuition, books and fees.
4. Bank Statement  Macomb requires a recent (within last 60 days), official statement(s) indicating the sponsor has at least $3,800 in U.S. dollars for part-time students and $7,600 for full-time students, in an account(s) to support the F-1 student. Copies are not acceptable. If the statement lists a foreign currency, we also require a letter from the bank, in English, translating the amount to U.S. dollars. Statements for 3 consecutive months are preferred.
5. DS-158  Student contact information and work history form.
6. Waiver Form Signed statement by student attesting to the fact that Macomb Community College is not liable or responsible for any decisions made by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
7. Website and instructions for paying the I-901 SEVIS fee of $200.
Use school code DET214F00557000.
8. I-901 Receipt Take the receipt to the border and also send or bring a copy to Macomb.
9. Visa, passport and I-94 card Macomb must make copies of these forms for the applicant’s file.