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Public Services

The Public Services department grants credit for current (issued within the past three years) industry certifications.

Certification or License Equivalent Course(s)
Basic EMT * EMSA-1215, EMSA-1220, EMSA-1250
Fire Fighter I * FIRE-2000
Fire Fighter II* FIRE -2010
Paramedic License * EMSA-1215, EMSA-1220, EMSA-1250, EMSA-2510,EMSA-2520, EMSA-2530, EMSA-2550, EMSA-2560, EMSA-2570, EMSA-2580, EMSA-2600, EMSA-2605, EMSA-2611, EMSA-2612, EMSA-2620
Police Academy * LAWE-2810

Non Credit Course Credit Equivalent
NFPA or ICC Fire Inspector I * FIRE-1010
Michigan State Police Fire Investigation School * FIRE-1180
Michigan State Police Hazardous Materials Technician I and II* FIRE-1190
Macomb Center for Fire and Emergency Services Leadership Studies * FIRE-2300
MFFTC Company Officer I and II FIRE-2300
MFFTC Managing Company Tactical Operations: Preparation (MCTO-P) *
MFFTC Managing Company Tactical Operations: Decision Making (MCTO-D) *
MFFTC Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (STICO) *

* You must be enrolled in this program to receive credit for these courses under this agreement.