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Multiple-Semester Registration

FAQ’s for Students

How it Works

multiple semester students

What is multiple-semester registration?

Multiple-semester registration provides students with the opportunity to register for up to three semesters (Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter) at one time.

Why should I register for multiple semesters?

Registering for multiple semesters allows you to plan ahead, be confident that classes will be available and assists you in reaching your academic goal. It also reduces the time spent waiting to register for classes one semester at a time.

When can I register for multiple semesters?

Registration will open in March of each year and continue until the last day to add classes for each individual semester.

Will I be required to register for multiple semesters?

No. Students will have the option each March to register for multiple semesters if they so choose.

Registration will also be open for the Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter semesters during traditional registration periods and will run until the last day to add classes for each individual semester as posted on Self Service Student Planning.

Will I receive an assigned date/time to register?

Yes, if you are a current student and/or new/returning student who was admitted and/or updated your student record by Friday, Feb. 4, 2022. Otherwise, you may register on or after March 28, 2022, the open registration date for all students.

How do I register for multiple semesters?

Registration is conducted as usual through Self Service Student Planning or in person at the Office of Records & Registration. Please refer to the Tutorial Videos for assistance with registering through Student Planning. Log into your Self-Service account to access Student Planning.

For questions about multiple-semester registration or registering for your classes, contact the Office of Records & Registration at 586.445.7999 – option #4.

Class Selection

multiple semester class selection

What happens if a class I need is waitlisted?

You cannot register for a waitlisted class until a seat is offered to you. If you are not offered a seat from the waitlist for a specific class during an individual semester, you can register for and/or waitlist the class for a following semester.

Please speak with Counseling & Academic Advising about waitlisted classes and how they affect your educational plan if you have registered for multiple semesters.

What if I can’t find the sections I need when I register for multiple semesters?

Only sections that appear in Student Planning for each semester are eligible for multiple-semester registration. If you cannot find a section that fits into your schedule, check “Search for Courses” on Student Planning throughout the registration period to see if new sections are made available.

Will I be able to register in advance for classes that have a prerequisite?

Yes. You will be able to register for a class that has a prerequisite as long as you are also registering for the prerequisite course in a preceding semester.

What happens if I fail a class?

You must repeat the failed class in a following semester if it is a prerequisite for another class or required in your program. The class requiring the prerequisite that you failed will automatically be dropped from your schedule.

Please speak with Counseling & Academic Advising about failed classes and how they affect your educational plan.

For assistance with class selection, contact Counseling & Academic Advising at 586.445.7999 – option #2.

Tuition and Books

multiple semester tuition and books

Will tuition for multiple semesters be due at the same time?

No. Students will not be required to pay for multiple semesters at one time. Tuition will be due by the dates posted for each individual semester. Please refer to: Tuition and Fees on the college’s website.

Will payment plans be available for each semester in which I am registered?

Yes. Please see Tuition Payment Plan on the college’s website.

When will I be able to order books for each semester?

Books for individual semesters will be available for order or purchase at the South and Center Campus bookstores prior to the individual starts of the Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter semesters.

Will the last day to add/drop/withdraw change?

No. The last day to add/drop/withdraw for individual semesters will not change if you register for multiple semesters.

For questions about your financial aid status, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 586.445.7999 – option #3.

For questions about payment deadlines or the Tuition Payment Plan, contact the Cashier’s Office at 586.445.7999 – option #6.