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Police Academy Requirements & Admittance Process

Step 1: Meet educational requirement
Step 2: Meet general requirements
Step 3: Complete MCOLES Reading and Writing/Physical Testing
Step 4: Obtain and complete Academy Application Package
Step 5: Interview
Step 6: Academy Orientation
Step 7: Academy Training
Step 8: Academy Graduation Requirements

Step 1: Meet educational requirement:

  • Pre-service (self sponsored) cadets must possess an Associate or Bachelor degree (any major) from an accredited educational institution, OR be enrolled in the Macomb Community College Law Enforcement with Academy program and be within 15 credit hours of meeting the degree requirements, OR be a MCC student with a minimum of 50 credit hours and have the approval of an academic advisor that degree requirements will be met upon academy graduation.
  • All pre-service cadets must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • MCC Law Enforcement with Academy degree students should consult with an academic advisor prior to applying for academy admission.

Step 2: Meet general requirements:

  • Candidates cannot have any felony convictions (includes expungment, juvenile convictions, or other adjudications).
  • Candidates cannot be on probation for any offense.
  • Dismissed felony charges, non-felony arrests, driving record, non-arrest police contacts, financial/credit records, educational records, drug use history and other information shall be evaluated by the academy interview panel for compliance with MCOLES "good moral standard" clause.

Step 3: Complete MCOLES Reading/Writing and Physical Agility Testing:

  • Pre-service candidates must take and successfully complete the MCOLES Pre-Employment Reading/Writing and Physical Agility tests.
  • Information regarding dates, locations and fees for the testing is available on the MCOLES website (
  • Both tests are offered at the Macomb Community College Emergency Services Training Center once a month.
  • Reading/Writing test results have no expiration date; however, the Physical Agility test must be successfully completed no more than 6 (six) months prior to the start of the academy.

Step 4:  Obtain and complete a Macomb Police Academy application:

  • Applications are generally released in May for the Fall/August academy and October for the Spring/January academy.
  • Academy application packages must be completed thoroughly and contain the following:
    • Copy of a valid driver's license.
    • Copy of birth certificate.
    • Official college transcript.
    • Proof of successful completion of MCOLES Pre-employment Reading/Writing and Physical Exam.
    • Copy of a Military Certificate of Release from Active Duty (if applicable).
    • Completed Physician's Health Screening form including a drug screen.
    • Copy of driver's license conviction record (available through the Secretary of State).
    • Copy of all arrest reports and court adjudication records (if applicable).

Call 586-498-4060 or email to request an application.

 Step 5:  Interview:

  • The interview determines if an applicant meets the minimum qualifications necessary for academy acceptance.
  • Generally, interviews will occur in July (for the Fall/August academy) and December (for the Spring/January academy).
  • Interviews are conducted by members of the Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center staff.

Step 6:  Academy Orientation:

  • An orientation explaining all academy requirements, procedures and uniform needs will occur after the interview and academy acceptance.

Step 7:  Academy Training:

  • The academy is a 17-week program; generally, training days begin at 6:30 am and conclude at 4:30 pm (occasional evening sessions) Monday through Friday.
  • The Macomb Police Academy adheres to a military style training protocol; it is physical training and discipline intense.
  • Academic progress is measured via 11 (eleven) periodic exams and a final exam; take home assignments, spelling tests and quizzes are included in the academic measurement process.
  • Separate written and/or physical testing are administered to measure firearms, subject control, first aid, emergency vehicle operation, physical fitness, Preliminary Breath Testing, Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Haz-Mat, LEIN and other law enforcement related competencies.
  • The Macomb Police Academy is a college credit program.  15 credit hours are awarded for successful completion.  The program is eligible for student loan and VA financing; cadets are responsible for arranging for and obtaining such financing.
  • Academy cost is $5,725, which includes academy-owned firearms use (cadets need not purchase a firearm), ammunition, use of academy-owned duty belt/holster/associated attachments, use of academy vehicles and all other training equipment.  Cadets must purchase uniforms and physical training clothing (specifics are provided upon admission).

Step 8:  Academy Graduation Requirements:

  • Cadets must achieve an overall 70% average on academic exams.
  • Cadets must successfully complete the MCOLES mandated Legal, Firearms, Subject Control, First Aid/CPR, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and Emergency Vehicle Operation portions of the basic police training program (includes academic and physical skills assessment).
  • Cadets must successfully complete the MCOLES Exit Physical Exam Test.
  • Cadets must pass the MCOLES licensing exam.
  • Successful academy completion qualifies the graduate for one year of licensing eligibility.  Pre-service cadets who do not find employment within one year (full or parttime) must attend a one-week Recognition of Prior Training program to reestablish their licensing eligibility.

If you require additional information please contact: Raymund Macksoud, Academy Director at 586.226.4811.