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Tactical Training

The Advanced/In-Service training division of the Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center offers Tactical Training to prepare selected sworn police personnel with additional skills and training necessary to handle high-risk situations best left to the specialists.

From search warrant execution to high-risk entry teams, Tactical Training emphasizes teamwork among department members. Training is provided in all aspects of tactical operations: command, containment, deployment, negotiations, sniper and entry techniques.

As part of our commitment to the community, our Tactical Training courses consist of annual multi-jurisdictional tactical scenario, providing tactical teams from Macomb and surrounding counties the opportunity to work together to resolve a real-life dilemma.

Current course offerings include:

  • Basic Tactical Officer
  • Advanced Tactical Officer
  • Basic Hostage Negotiations
  • Advanced Hostage Negotiations
  • Immediate Action/Rapid Deployment
  • Tactical Building Entry and Drug Raids
  • Tactical Planning and Entry

Additional programs can be developed to meet department needs.

Unless approval is granted by the Program Manager, admission is restricted to sworn police personnel only!

As a prerequisite for admission, it is strongly suggested that applicants be in good physical shape, and at a minimum be able to run one mile in 8 minutes, run a 40-yard dash in 6 seconds, bench press 125 lbs. 9 times, and do 9 pull-ups, 50 sit-ups and 40 push-ups.

For additional information please call the Center at 586.498.4050 or 586.498.4005. Email

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