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Firearms Range

In 2003, a state-of-the-art indoor firearms range was added to the Emergency Services Training Center at Macomb Community College. This new range provides working law enforcement professionals and those in training the opportunity to prepare for day-to-day situations that require accurate aim, sound judgment and experience.

Our firearms range is the largest indoor range in Michigan, capable of accommodating 24 officers at a time. It also ranks with the safest, thanks to a state-of-the-art ventilation system and the use of only lead-free ammunition. This range is a flexible training ground that can accommodate straight target shooting, running-man target practice, as well as simulations that include high-risk traffic stops and building entries.

The most advanced technology and experience was brought together to construct a training facility that safely and strategically meets the daily training needs of the growing communities we serve.

The facility is available for rental by law enforcement agencies. For additional information, please call 586.498.4062 or email

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