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Macomb Student Immediate Relief Fund

Dear Friends,

Macomb Community College is grateful for the support offered by our strong community during this difficult time.  We are committed to doing everything we can to respond to our students’ needs.

So many people have reached out to us wanting to help: community members, colleagues, alumni, retirees, family and friends.  Your words of encouragement and desire to help are deeply appreciated.

As you can imagine, many of our students are finding themselves without employment and income, struggling not only with tuition but also with basic life expenses. To address the hardships facing our students, we established the Macomb Student Immediate Relief Fund. This fund will be available to all current credit and non-credit students and can assist with tuition and other immediate needs.

If you are able, please consider supporting this very important fund.  Every gift matters. Now more than ever.

Please support the Macomb Student Immediate Relief Fund.

If you have questions related to making a donation to this fund, please contact me at All students with immediate relief fund requests should contact

Thank you, and be well.

Christina S. Ayar