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Senior Management and Deans

James Sawyer James Sawyer
Phone: 586.445.7241

President's Council

William Tammone William Tammone
Provost and Vice President for the Learning Unit
Phone: 586.498.4140
Elizabeth Argiri Elizabeth Argiri
Phone: 586.445.7289
Jill Little Jill M. Little
Student Services
Phone: 586.445.7576
Gerri Lynn Pavone Gerri Lynn Pavone
Research & Planning
Phone: 586.445.7242
 Casandra Ulbrich Casandra Ulbrich
College Advancement & Community Relations
Phone: 586.445.7244
Hunter Wendt Hunter Wendt
General Counsel
Phone: 586.498.4090
Denise Williams Denise L. Williams
Human Resources
Phone: 586.445.7897


Michael Balsamo Michael Balsamo
Learning Resources & Libraries
Phone: 586.445.7141
Sue Boyd Sue Boyd
Student Success
Phone: 586.445.7408
Dave Corba Dave Corba
Business & Information Technology
Phone: 586.286.2058
marie pritchett Marie Pritchett
Arts & Sciences
Phone: 586.445.7315
Charlene McPeak Charlene McPeak
Health & Public Services
Phone: 586.286.2097
Kevin Chandler Kevin Chandler
University Relations
Phone: 586.263.6266
Joe Petrosky Joe Petrosky
Engineering & Advanced Technology
Phone: 586.445.7515

Other Executive Leaders

Jeffrey Steele Jeffrey Steele
Associate General Counsel
Phone: 586.498.4090
Michael Zimmerman Michael Zimmerman
Communications & Information Technology and CIO
Phone: 586.445.7159