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COVID-19 Update

March 27, 2020 | 4:30pm

Dear Students,

As we wind down from this week, I wanted to touch base. I know the majority of you returned to your coursework this week, making the shift from face-to-face classes to virtual instruction.

First, I want to extend my appreciation for your determination and patience in moving forward among so many disruptions. I know there have been challenges in adapting to your converted classes, but I also know that, because of your flexibility and resolve, our shift to remote instruction has gone well overall. Please remember that resources and services are available to support you in your coursework, with a directory available at Student Support Resources.

Second, I did want to address the interest expressed by some students for a pass/fail option for this semester’s courses. Please know that we recognize the heightened stress you are facing regarding your academic progress. We thoroughly reviewed whether this was a good alternative for Macomb Community College’s students.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a pass/fail option would disadvantage a good portion of our students, resulting in negative consequences related to transfer, admittance to selective admissions programs, financial aid and scholarships.  In good conscience, we cannot offer our students what appears to be an easy answer to current anxiety when the “solution” will create greater anxiety and issues down the road.

Please know that the entire Macomb college community is committed to supporting your academic progress through these difficult and unprecedented times. While I recognize that none of this is easy, with your resilience and flexibility, we will successfully get through this semester together. 

Dr. Jim Sawyer
Macomb Community College