Engineering & Advanced Technology

Macomb’s Workforce and Continuing Education (WCE) Engineering & Advanced Technology programs can assist you in strengthening the skills, knowledge and ability of your workforce.  With our innovative industrial and technical training, we can help you bolster your productivity and profitability by meeting the challenges of an ever-changing market.

We also host annual events that include Robotics, Engineering and Technology (RETS) Days and RoboFest (in partnership with Lawrence Technological University) to convince young people to think early and seriously about careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).   

Macomb’s WCE Engineering & Advanced Technology programs offer training options in the following areas:   

Advanced Manufacturing: Keeping employees current in all facets of advanced manufacturing with programs that update their technical skills and support your company’s advancement in the manufacturing industry. 

  • CNC
  • Machining
  • Multi-Skilled Technician
  • Controls Robotics Technician
  • Programmable Logic Controls
  • Fluid Power Technology
  • Product Design
  • Welding
  • Production Operator Certificate 

Advanced Automotive Technology: Training includes the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of the parts and systems comprising an automobile, including hybrid and electric.

Quality and Process Improvements: Problem-solving, quality control and waste reduction techniques that ensure process improvement.

Defense and Aerospace:  Training individuals in advanced technologies and leveraging skills of the current workforce to accommodate the needs of the defense and aerospace industries.

Renewable and Alternative Energy: Techniques for integrating renewable energy applications in a variety of business and industrial environments.

Instructional Design Certifications: Essential training standards and processes that enable trainers to deliver successful training programs.  

  • Instructor
  • Instructional Designer
  • Training Manager

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