All of our interventions have the goal of increasing student success through increasing success in developmental courses, successful transition from developmental to college-level work, and term-to-term persistence.

  1. College Success Course - This is a newly designed 3-credit course for entering students, based on a research-based, holistic approach to student development.
  2. Learning Community - The Learning Community is built on the foundation of a full-time (13-credit) class schedule, including developmental English and reading, the college success course, a wellness course, and microcomputer literacy. The student cohort will be supported by peer mentors and a dedicated counselor. The faculty teaching in the Learning Community will be specially trained and lead by a Learning Community Coordinator.  Learning Community Student Profile.
  3. More Frequent Math - Developmental math classes meet three times per week instead of one or two times, with no increase in contact hours or change in course outcomes.
  4. Everyday Math Course - This is a new math course focusing on applications of math in the solution of everyday problems. It is a college-level course that transfers to our major transfer partners in fulfillment of their math requirement.
  5. Professional Development: Working with At-Risk Students in the Classroom - This is an 8-week professional development program designed to help faculty be more effective in their work with at-risk students in the classroom.

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