Third-Party Billing

Sponsored Billing is when a Student's tuition, fees, or books will be paid by a third party such as Michigan Works, Michigan Rehabilitation, Military Tuition Assistance or Michigan Education Trust (MET), or a Company. The Sponsor must agree to make full payment regardless of student's grades or course completion. Written authorization from sponsor must be submitted each term by the payment due date.

The college reserves the right to refuse Sponsored Billing accounts for reasons including, but not limited to delinquent or non-payment. When applicable, student reimbursement will not occur until payment is received from the sponsor.

The authorization must include the following:

  • Sponsor's Name
  • Billing address
  • Contact Name, Phone & E-mail
  • Student's Name
  • Macomb Student ID or SSN
  • Term to be covered, i.e. Winter 2014
  • Types of charges to be covered, tuition, fees, books and supplies and the dollar amount if applicable
  • If your authorization is for specific courses please also include the 8-digit course number which follows the course name, i.e. ACCT-1080
  • Authorized Signature

The student is responsible for their total charges and must pay any charges not covered by the authorization in full by the payment due date.

If for any reason the sponsor refuses to pay for charges, the student will be held responsible. The student will be unable to register, access records or grades until paid in full. If necessary, the account will be referred to a collection agency, be assessed a 25% delinquent account fee and reported to credit bureaus.

NOTE: Students who receive need based financial aid administered through the Financial Aid Office must report all types of tuition assistance to that office. Adjustments in financial aid awards may be required, based on the amount of the tuition assistance the student receives from the Sponsor.

Sponsored Bookstore Purchases

Students with Sponsored Billing authorization to purchase books and/or supplies on file will be able to purchase on account at the Follett bookstores during  limited time periods. Students must be prepared to show picture ID and a WebAdvisor "My Class Schedule / Registration Statement" to use their funds.

Sponsors Wishing to Pay Immediately - No Billing Requested

Sponsors not wishing to be billed for tuition and fees, often military training programs (TACOM/TARDEC) or local businesses, should not make payment on the student's account via WebAdvisor or the Cashier Offices. To ensure refunds of financial aid are disbursed to the student or tuition refunds are returned to the agency, please contact 586.445.7492 to process payment with our Sponsored Billing staff.

Late Authorization

A late authorization will only be accepted through the end of term. Example: Winter 2014 term authorization will not be accepted after the end of the Winter 2014 term.

For more information, contact Sponsored Billing at 586.445.7492 or

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