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Train to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

The First Line in Life Support!

Passionate about helping others?

Do you thrive in an adrenaline-charged, fast-paced work environment?
Saving lives as a certified EMT may be your calling!

First medical responder

First Medical Responder

As an EMT, you’ll provide the first line of emergency medical care on the scene when there’s a serious injury or other life-threatening trauma.

You’ll be responsible for basic life support and transporting patients to a hospital.

In our basic EMT training, you’ll:

  • Learn CPR, airway management and bleeding control
  • Complete the program in six months
  • Be able to start classes in fall and winter

After completing our training, you’ll be certified in basic life support.

The job outlook for EMT's is strong!

EMTs are in high-demand and emergency medical service providers are hiring now!

Ready to become the first line in life support?

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The career ladder: There’s a critical shortage of paramedics, so continuing your education in our EMT-Paramedic program is a move in the right direction!
The job outlook for EMTs is strong!

As a paramedic, you’ll:

advanced life support
fire department-qualified
Earn a higher salary

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