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General Motors Training

Once you create an account in the new registration portal, you will see the number of seats available in a course/exam before registering.  Immediate confirmation of enrollment will be received as well as receipt for credit card payments. If paying by Purchase Order, please email PO at time of registration to: $0 class charge will be displayed during registration and cost will be assessed separately to organization. All course materials are included and will be provided in class. 

100% refund if class is dropped PRIOR to class start date.  NO refunds on or after the start date.  

We will no longer have the flexibility to transfer a student between classes. You will need to drop out of one course and re-register into the desired class.

Student’s social security number is required for registration. International Students, should contact Martha Waters at 586-498-4154 or to register.

If you have taken credit or non-credit classes in the past at MCC, please fill out a Student Update Form and email it to to re-activate your account. To register you will access MyMacomb at and click on Continuing Ed Registration – and begin registration process.

GM Lockout and Energy Control ~ LMS# 56755  

Offered exclusively to GM employees at this time. 

This course is designed to familiarize participants with the requirements and procedures to perform Lockout Energy Control safely in a GM plant or facility. In addition, information on when an authorized person can use Safety Control Systems (SCS) or Monitored Power Systems (MPS) instead of Lockout Energy Control is explained thoroughly.

For additional information or questions regarding this course, please contact Debra Lang @ 586-498-4114 or

NOTE:  If you have safety glasses and/or a GM issued safety lock – please bring to class.

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Global Certification Program

This program is for GM employees and GM approved suppliers seeking certification in GM required courses. Place-out certification exams are available if an individual feels proficient with the subject matter. For additional information or questions regarding this program, please contact Debra Lang @ 586-498-4114 or

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ONLINE COURSES/EXAMS - registration closes the first day of each section. You will receive an email with login & password information to access the Online course or Online place out exam on the section start dateYou must complete the online course/exam by the end date of the section as your access will be cancelled on section end date. NO refunds on or after the start date of the section you are registered in.

Global Common Controls Software (GCCS-2) V6.0 ONLINE course

Course Description: Global Common Controls Software (GCCS-2) Online Version v6.0

NOTE: This course is ONLINE. It does not contain the Certification Exam. The exam is held at MTEC and must be registered for separately.

AVAILABLE ONLINE Courses & Place out Exams

  • GCCH-1 v6.0 Course (includes exam)
  • GRS v6.1 Course (includes exam)
  • Networks v6.0 Online Course (includes exam)
  • GCCH-1 v6.0 Place Out Exam ONLY
  • GRS v6.1 Place Out Exam ONLY
  • Networks 6.0 Place Out Exam ONLY

To enroll in these online courses or exams you need a webcam, microphone and sufficient internet connection. Exam is proctored by recording the visual, audio, and desktop aspects of your exam and exam environment. To run a quick system check, please go to: Hard copy or electronic version of student manual is permitted during examination.  Adobe Reader should be used to access electronic version. Exam must be completed once it is started. Students caught cheating will not be allowed to retake the certification exam on-line.

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