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General Motors Training

New registration system

All students must create their student profile before using the system. Directions below. Students can register themselves and pay for a class/exam by credit card or request company pay (Purchase Order). If a student selects company pay, an email will be automatically sent to their company contact person to approve or deny the student’s registration. A company will also be able to register their employees in classes/exams.

All companies must have a company profile created before using the system. Please complete the Workforce & Continuing Education Company Billing Account Request form and send to along with your W-9.

Approved organizations will be emailed company account login information to manage their registrations and payments. Instructions for use of the company account are available once logged in. Payment can be made at the time of registration with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or client will be invoiced by email and EFT (ACH or WIRE). Payment is required within 30 days.

International students (individuals without a U.S. Social Security number) will no longer have to go through a separate process for registration. The new system will not require this information if the address is not in the U.S.

Note: Registration closes three business days prior to section start date.

If class is dropped PRIOR to start date, you will receive a 100% refund. NO refunds will be issued on or after the start date.

Global Certification Program

This program is for GM employees and GM-approved suppliers seeking certification in GM-required courses. Place-out certification exams are available if an individual feels proficient with the subject matter. Any student wishing to retake a place-out exam will need to reregister through our website at an additional charge. For additional information or questions regarding this program, please contact Debra Lang at 586.498.4114 or

Registration closes three(3) business days prior to class start date.

Course Descriptions:

Online Courses and Exams

Registration closes three (3) business days prior to the start of each section. To enroll in our online courses or exams, you will need a webcam, microphone and the latest version of Google Chrome. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the online course/online exam on the section start date. You must complete the online course/exam by the end date of your section as your access will be cancelled on section end date. We do not have the flexibility to extend online access. NO refunds on or after the start date of the section you are registered in.

Your ONLINE exam will be proctored by recording the visual, audio and desktop aspects of your exam and exam environment. To check your system, visit:

Video guide on taking an RPNow proctored exam:

A hard copy or electronic version of the student manual is permitted during examination and should be downloaded prior to beginning. Adobe Reader should be used to access electronic version. Exam must be completed once it is started. Students caught cheating will not be allowed to retake the certification exam online.

Online Course Descriptions:

Virtual EPLAN course available (not an online course)

Instruction will be provided remotely over four consecutive days by an instructor. Students will be able to ask questions and interact. The cost of the course is the same as our on-site class at M-TEC and includes the certification exam given on the last day (online). This virtual course will be scheduled periodically upon request. Questions regarding this course should be directed to Debra Lang at 586.498.4114 or

Lockout, Energy Control, MPS and SCS for GM Contractors

Offered exclusively to employees of GM-approved supplier companies. 

Note: Personal Safety Lock is not provided as part of this course. 

Questions regarding this course should be directed to Debra Lang at 586.498.4114 or

Additional information about this course:

GM Lockout and Energy Control

Offered exclusively to GM employees. 

Note: If you have safety glasses and/or a GM-issued safety lock, please bring to class.

Note: Personal Safety Lock is issued to GM employees as part of this course. 

For additional information or questions regarding this course, please contact Debra Lang at 586.498.4114 or

Additional information about this course: